How many meals should I eat a day?

@ajalitus (127)
United States
March 2, 2012 10:38am CST
So I have a really weird class schedule and I only end up eating twice a day. I usually eat a big breakfast and a big dinner. If I don't wake up early, I eat a medium lunch and a big dinner. Some of my friends recommend 5 small meals. Some say 3 ok meals. How many is a good amount?
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@marguicha (104007)
• Chile
12 Apr 12
Each person must learn to squeeze his body needs into his routine. You saw that you have a "weird class schedule" so probably you don´t have time to eat a proper lunch. But that does not mean that you do not have the time to eat a good sandwich or a cereal bar. That will help you and will even make you be a better student. Our brain needs sugar (carbohidrates) to function. If you don´t eat in many hours, you are starving your brain.
• United States
7 Apr 12
It depends on you and your schedule. I used to have a class schedule that would also warrant the same kind of eating schedule as well. Are you worried about your weight? Are you still eating healthy in these meals? If you don't have any problems with any of these, than I would say it is just fine to eat 2 meals a day. A person can eat anywhere from 0 meals(not healthy) to 8 small meals a day.
@Extourmed (191)
• Bulgaria
7 Apr 12
Dear ajalitus, you are making a big mistake eating only twice a day. That's very unhealthy and with this kind of eating schedule you can gain fat mass. The best think you can do is to eat around five times a day - small like some of your friends told you to. The dinner should be the smallest of all meals. The two large meals a day is stressful for the organism and hard for it to proceed. I hope I have been useful. Good Luck :).
• Philippines
6 Apr 12
according to what i've read in the magazines it is suggested that one must eat 6 small meals a day or small meals every 2-3 hours but the amount of meals varies from our daily activities like heavy works, the person must eat alot because they need more energy because they burn more. It is not good to eat big amount during night because we're not moving a lot or doing activities that burns the extra calories, except if you're working at night that requires much energy.
@myfb2009 (8304)
• Malaysia
3 Mar 12
Hi Ajal, it is depending on your needs. As for me, i can't eat too full at each meal, so i prefer to break them into 5 - 6 small meals. I think you can always have some small meal, whenever you need it, since you don't have a fix time for taking your meal. Most important is, you must have to consume a plenty of fruits and veggies, for the healthy of your body. Don't forget to drink plenty of plain water as well.