How do you deal with stress in your life?

@Archaiwy (599)
March 2, 2012 6:38pm CST
Nowadays in many places people are having an easy life but they have more and more stress.Sometimes they complain that they haven't enough money,they can not find a better job,their children are not better than their colleagues or some others.If they achieve their goal ,they feel happy ; if not their stress is greater.Mylot friends, if you have some stress ,ow do you deal with it?
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@Anne18 (11036)
3 Mar 12
I have a nice cup of tea as tea calms you down and eating bananas is also meant ot relax you as well so eat bananas as well. But a good shout at the children when they are playing up helps just as well!!! Lol I tell them that I am shouting at them with love!!! Hope I have made you giggle or at least given you a little smile
@Archaiwy (599)
• China
3 Mar 12
Indeed letting the worry out in a proper form does help.if one keeps his worry in his mind without releasing ,he maybe drives himself sick,which does great harm to his health.Worry or stress stays with everybody.what matters is how one deals with it.One should learn to deal with it without fleeing.
@NailTech (6890)
• United States
6 Mar 12
I don't deal well with the stress that life dishes out for me. For me for many years it has been some life experiences and other things people have done or said out of such hatred over nothing, it baffles the mind. If they are jealous then do something about it.If they have a bad mood, then do something about. Instead they like to lash out at others and interact with them on a stupid level, and personally these people don't have much in the form of brains either for some reason. Not just saying that cause they stress me out, they really actually are pretty darn dumb. For instance one of them who continually harasses and belittles me doesn't know what simple words mean, today it was the word brothel that was on the news. Its something else everyday. The other day I said "Bluck", out loud and they said what's bluck mean? I said it was a synonym to Blah. Haha! This is just a few examples, the list goes on... I didn't know some people just had the tinyiest of brains. And then they make YOU feel like YOU'RE stupid. *Shakes head back and forth in confusion* My spelling of words and typing isn't the greatest but I know it, but these other people don't realize how dumb they are.
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
4 Mar 12
One step at a time as it turns out. Life is really just something where you just got to go with the flow and just deal with each and every situation one step at a time. And chances are that as much as you are freaking out about your stress levels(sometimes for very good reason), but there is someone else out there with an equal amount, if not more of stress right out there. So there is that indeed. I really do find that dealing with stress just one thing at a time, not really allowing it to overwhelm me all that much. Just try and take things all nice and slowly. I really find out there are a lot of times where if we take on a bit too much, if we are going to be getting rather ambitious to say the very least and thus they create their own stress levels. At least that is what happens in my experiences. Your mileage will vary.
• India
3 Mar 12
Dealing with stress requires a life that's well planned. Prior planning and systematic life style could improve your life style a lot. Setting priorities in life is also important that doesn't come naturally. One need to take conscious effort to stream line the decision making system.