The deep breath of accomplishment

@chulce (1540)
United States
March 3, 2012 5:59pm CST
Today started out really slow. Didn't want to get anything done, kept procrastinating. Now sitting back after getting stuff finished up, I have a sense of accomplishment. One that feels like I actually did something that matters. And matters it does, to my family. Reorganizing our home and fixing things up is a real challenge, but the more that gets accomplished the better off we will all be. And oh the stuff to get rid of.
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4 Mar 12
I'm jealous of you. I have a lot of work to he getting on with (computer programming) and it's taking me ages. I can't wait till I'm done so I can have that feeling good too! Right now I just have a big headache.
• Philippines
4 Mar 12
Well, I couldn't understand what you're trying to say but it was clearly about family and accomplishment. In my opinion, getting that sense of accomplishment is getting harder as you grow old. When you were young, most of the things you wanted to accomplish are pretty easy, then it gets harder as you grow older. Right now, I'm aiming at nailing an animation-related job on any multimedia company because that's my dream job. It's pretty far-fetched since I took up Engineering.