will I have any chance to tell hime? all of the feelings should be ending now?

March 4, 2012 7:46am CST
I was fallen in love to my boss 2 years ago, but he is married and he is not in our country. most of my friends told me do not let him know anything,do not destroy his family. I didn't. But I find it's so hard to forget hime. I have tried my best. In fact I almost forget him, but some times when he appears, I am into him again... 2 years passed, seemed I haven't improved myself even a little step. I don't know how to deal with it...
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@enelym001 (8333)
• Philippines
4 Mar 12
Listen to what your friends are telling you. He is already married and no longer in our country, just be happy for him that he is happily married now. I am just wondering why it is hard for you to forget him. Did you ever had any relationship with him more than a boss and an employee must have?
• China
5 Mar 12
Even myself don't know why so hard to forget him and I never had any relationship with him, we just talk a little more but when I found if I have any feeling to him, I have got lost
• Ireland
4 Mar 12
Your friends and the myLotter above me are right. This man is married and he belongs with his wife. You need to move on, get over him and find a man who is free and single for you. It may not be easy but it takes time. Write your feelings on a letter, then (safely) set them on fire and watch them burn. Then put the past behind you and move on.