Bleach coming to an end

March 4, 2012 9:18am CST
At first I thought it could have been just a rumor but now I think it's true. Various sites like Crunchyroll, anime blogs have been saying that Bleach is going to end on March 27th. Here's a comment I quoted from Crunchyroll under the article. "I just e-mailed a Japanese friend of mine that lives near Tokyo ant this is what he said sums up the article above: " I asked to friend of mine who loves BLEACH about it. He told me that BLEACH which you are asking is the final episode. Not only Japanese TV anime is closing also the cartoon magazine is ending the story. He also said there is no chance that the anime will start the whole new episode. I will go for mega bookstore and look for BLEACH which is translated for you and daughters. I saw some other anime that are already translated and sell it to non Japanese speakers. I hope it does help your question though. From your attached pics, it has only left four more story. It tells about a summary for the show." It was a pain typing that out word by word and keep switching windows back and fourth. If you would like the link to the article you can PM me. As I know you cannot post links into the discussion. In my opinion I have mixed views on Bleach some parts I liked and others not so much.
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6 Jul 12
i dont think it has ended yet because from what i heard the manga is still going on strong but they stopped production of episodes because they didnt want to make a filler arc without knowing the full extent of ichigos power so they decided to hault production of episodes until further episodes
@Cranos (273)
• Belgium
13 Mar 12
I honestly thought it would never end like One Piece, but I don't really mind. It had a good run and aside from the huge amount of fillers, it had an entertaining story. IMO defeating Aizen would've been a better ending to the series than this. Why start up a whole new story and give Ichigo this new type of powers if you're going to quit it so soon? IDK Aizen's fight seems more like the ultimate finale. Anyway, there's enough similar (and better) anime out there so I won't really miss it.