Help With Microworker Rating

@Mashnn (4503)
March 4, 2012 7:54pm CST
I had my signup campaign proved two days ago but when I was rating the workers, some of them forgot to verify their email address which was one of the requirement that I needed. The problem is that, after I rated them unsatisfied and re-checked my account status where they were signing up, some of them verified their email later on. I really feel bad that I had rated someone unsatisfied yet they later did what was supposed to do. What should I do now? Someone help.
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@mtrguanlao (5527)
• Philippines
5 Mar 12
Hi there! I have experienced doing a task like that of your task wherein workers need to verify first their confirmation link from their emails. The problem with me was,the confirmation email took quite some time to send to me. I sent a complain to the task creator to reconsider my task and pointed out my reasons. The task creator had been so considerate to re-accept my task and credited the payment to my account. I think you should just re-accept their work if they submit a complain. I'm sure they will submit a complain to you if they think they have done their work right. Just wait for their complains.
@Mashnn (4503)
6 Mar 12
Thanks so much for your insight. I will definitely credit their accounts if they file a complaint.
@youless (94715)
• Guangzhou, China
5 Mar 12
Frankly, I don't know we can give rating in Microworkers. I know there is a success rate and reputation in Microworkers. But it is to check my own status. Probably the rating is given by the task starter. As a worker, I can't give the rating back? I love China
@Mashnn (4503)
5 Mar 12
Thanks. I am the one who placed the campaing or the task and I needed to be done. If you are the employer, you are supposed to rate the workers as either satisfied or not satisfied.