Pride vs Morals

March 4, 2012 10:22pm CST
Something really interesting happened in my workplace. My boss, who I have to admit is very caring, is currently faced in a dilemma where he has to choose to give up his pride or stick with it. He, apparently, approached me for some advise since we have known each other for more than 5 years. He was a friend since college years. One of the workers had a one night stand with him. Both of them were drunk and unexpectedly done it after a party for the company. The problem is that the girl is currently saying that she got pregnant and that she is completely sure that he is the father. I told him it was going to be a hard decision but stood on the point of view on morals where he has to at least take responsibility on the child. Yet, another problem is that he is also engaged to his girlfriend who still does not know anything about this. I, as a friend, am also facing this dilemma. As a friend, I care about him and his family. Is there any way out of this without harming anyone else? Or at least, minimize the problem done?
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@shylade (3137)
• Philippines
5 Mar 12
i think he should talk to his fiance regarding what happen. any reactions from his fiance, he should take because of his infidelity. it will be up to the his fiance whether their wedding will push through or not. if the fiance will understand and will let him marry her after what he had done then good. i assume that your co worker is at legal age and if she is really pregnant with your friend, then your friend should acknowledge and support the baby. marrying that woman is not a solution. i hope he will come with the right decision because any wrong move can worsen the situation.
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5 Mar 12
Actually one of my friends also meets above difficulty choice.Finally she was extremly sad and broke up with her boyfriends in order that the girl who was pregnant could not be despised by people around them. Until now she is still single and she is so kind.
@Metatronik (5911)
• Pasay, Philippines
6 Mar 12
JUST FACE THE REALITY! You can't do anything to lessen or minimize the problem because there will come to a point that he will really harm anyone else especially to his engaged girlfriend. No matter how safe it is and he will tend to hide it but the point is the truth will still reveal. So you can never do anything about it but HE HAS TO BEAR WITH THE CONSEQUENCES! HE MUST BE MAN ENOUGH TO TELL THE WHOLE TRUTH! Because in the first place he should be man enough to control himself even if he was drunk and be responsible to his actions. You guys have been bragging yourself that it is totally normal for a man to flirt with other woman or being a womanizer even if a guy is already committed in relationship and married. You are bragging that it is your victory if you were able to grab many women as you can. Then now how come some guys are COWARD enough to face with that kind of consequences? WHERE IS HIS LOGIC RIGHT NOW? HOW COME HE CAN'T BE MAN ENOUGH TO USE HIS BRAIN? Tell him that his dreams wouldn't be accomplish that things would be settle if HE IS NOT GOING TO TELL THE WHOLE TRUTH. More so he should take responsibility with that child especially in terms of finances including the basic needs and the hospital fees. He is a BOSS in the first place so expected that he can shoulder all the expenses. If the girl is really sure that her boss is the father of her baby but then if the boss ask about DNA then the girl MUST REALLY FACE IT! Again she should have dignity in the first place to control herself when she was drunk. For sure she has a big crush on her boss that is why she is flirting then something happened. Now if it is about PRIDE then he must be brave enough to exert himself. No matter if his engaged girlfriend would be mad at him like hell then probably HE MUST FIGHT ABOUT IT!
• Canada
6 Mar 12
What a delimma but if the lady is pregnant it will come out sooner or lady because she will eventually want child support and since she knows where he works the papers can and probably would be served at the place of employment. Were the two of them involved before the man was engaged to his current lady were they together when the other 2 slept together? Morally he needs to admit to his current fiance of what happened as eventually the truth will come out and it would be better coming from him now over later. Especially if she is planning on keeping the baby.
@dyeni23 (128)
5 Mar 12
I think he owe to his fiancé an explanation about this. If she really loves him, this will hurt, no doubt. However, forgiveness can set in a loving heart. Your boss should also wait though for her forgiveness and shouldn't make things worse by attempting to cover up for his mistakes especially when there's a another life involved.