Sims Series..

Montreal, Quebec
March 5, 2012 2:52pm CST
Hello Mylotters I have seen many "sim series" on YouTube, Like Tv shows but on YouTube of sims, My question is have you ever made one of your own? Can you put links I would love to watch them! Or do you know of any amazing sims series I have seen a few and got inspired to make my own, I am still in the process of getting the story put together. I have seen many series by ViNtAgELovv11, NatalieFirexx, and SaltpepperSims1408 (these are their YouTube Channels if you are interested in watching) so yeah.. Have you ever made a sims series? What was it about? If it is on YouTube can you send me a link? I'd love to watch it! :D
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@winston90 (296)
• Romania
5 Mar 12
HI. The Sims are a great game, but for children... Once you get to an age.. it just doesn't work anymore. The story is a little complicated, but I've managed to put it toghether from Youtube.
• Montreal, Quebec
5 Mar 12
I know what you mean, but I am still a "kid" i guess, 17? I got addicted to the game when I was 13, and never removed it from my computer So from time to time when i get bored I play it, but it isn't the same... What is the name? I'd like to see it :)