METHOD to Succeed Your LIFE...!

@macowtdy (116)
March 5, 2012 11:59pm CST
Hi..everyone..! I recently got to know a concept of being success. its 3D and 1P 3D stands for 1.Desire 2.Determination 3.Dedication 1P stands for 1.PLAN What are your ideas about this method..?
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@zaahro (749)
• Indonesia
6 Mar 12
wowww...such a good method you have hot, I am sure if people apply this to gain their plan they'll find it is not difficult. Gonna try this, oh no I have to use this
@macowtdy (116)
7 Mar 12
Yeah..! Try it out..! The way to success..!
@megamatt (14332)
• United States
7 Mar 12
I think the real trick to success is that there is no foolproof method of success. As it has been proven by many fools throughout the years. Your words do have some merit to them in an extent, but obviously it is a matter of how things are applied and that can be the ultimate challenge for many people, where they are unable to really apply these things in an efficient way that works for their own life and what they want to do. Everyone has their own way of doing things. That fact has been proven countless times, time and time again for sure. But there are just going to be times where if people have the ambition to do things, and the plan, and the ability to adapt to that point right in time. There are just going to be a lot of times where success comes for many forms and there are just many things that can go along on the way. But bouncing right back to your feet is important.
@succeednow (1638)
• Singapore
6 Mar 12
Hi macowtdy, That's a good idea. I think Brian Tracy has a similar idea for financial success except his is 4D i.e. Desire, Decision, Determination and Discipline. However, what's the 1 plan you had in mind. Do you care to give an example? Have a nice day.
• Malaysia
6 Mar 12're very creative!:)i never thought about it..What i always practiced is learn from my mistake and make it perfect.But i think your idea was so good and maybe i can practice in my life..