assisting others through charity

United States
March 6, 2012 5:28pm CST
I am a mylotter, who is thinking about earning money through a church organization. I am pretty good with the computer and quite literate and know my way around the computer. I am thinking of approaching the churches in my community with a proposal to teach those that come to the pantry/soup kitchen, by teaching them the basics on computer use, ie; internet, word, excel, powerpoint, making a powerful resume, all of which I am proficient in. My question is, can anyone help me to compose a proposal letter to whomever is in charge of the organization, for me to offer my services (for a fee,, of course)? I am open to all suggestions, and would appreciate all responses. Thank You, and happy MyLotting!
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• Philippines
19 Mar 12
You can start the letter with a greeting. Then follow it up with interest on joining the organization. Then you should put some compliments for the church to put them in a good mood. Then you should end it with "Sincerely yours," then your name and signature.