Todd has arrived

@stealthy (8188)
United States
March 6, 2012 6:02pm CST
Blair should have let Todd see Starr. Even if Starr is upset with him about Victor, in her present distraught condition I think she would still want to see him and be comforted by him. So apparently he is out on bail and has skipped on it to come see Starr and that will be what brings John to town. On another note the make up artists on GH have his scar on his cheek almost invisible while it was always very prominent on One Live To Live; I think that is something they should not be doing. Hopefully in future scenes the scar will be more noticeable.
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@SassyBrat (463)
• Canada
8 Mar 12
It didn't take him long to connect with Carly today! They were like two peas in a pod! I suspect that there will be some "thing" they get themselves into, especially around her not being able to see Jason and Todd not being able to see Starr. BTW Starr's mother (De Paliva) TERRIBLE acting! Wow! just terrible, could see right through the material she was delivering.
@AmbiePam (50146)
• United States
7 Mar 12
They probably don't want the non OLTL viewers wondering about the scar. If they don't make it prominent maybe viewers won't ask about it. Because I doubt they'd want to dive in to how he got the scar. Just a guess.