The sound of the soul

March 7, 2012 4:34am CST
when someone is in loneliness, what they think? nowaday people easy to get depressed, even some of them admitted and heard the sound to suicide. Is this kind of mental disorder? even some people have become victims and commit suicide, Have you heard about this case? In my country some people commit suicide by jumping from a height and they do it in the plaza or shopping center.. It's really serious and scary case, right?
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• United States
8 Mar 12
It is indeed a serious issue that you have addressed here. We see a lot of unfortunate incidents like this happening in the United States as well. I think it could be classified as a mental disorder, and people dealing with those type of thoughts she try to seek help. I imagine it hard for them to reach out though since they feel like no one understands them.
@Zh_Kosta (49)
• Bulgaria
7 Mar 12
Hello my dear reinykwan, What you have written of is a very serious problem indeed. I think that these depressions are caused by the crisis. I mean that more and more people all over the world lose they jobs and after that is almost imposible to find another job and that leads to depressions. Unfortunatelly, I do not know how this depression could be overcomed.