SendMessage Problem

March 7, 2012 8:48am CST
code: main() { HWND notepad_h; notepad_h=FindWindow("Notepad",NULL); if(notepad_h!=NULL) { SetForegroundWindow(notepad_h); SendMessage(notepad_h,WM_KEYDOWN,VK_MENU,0); SendMessage(notepad_h,WM_CHAR,"F",0); SendMessage(notepad_h,WM_CHAR,"A",0); } } why do not you control the notepad
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@larazz (29)
7 Mar 12
my message... same with me, in morning my handphone is off until last afternoon. no sms that I received until the last night, so at 23.00 am there is sms and say " I want to go to your home now " haaaaaaaa .... last night want go to my home???? so I reply his message... not now... tomorow Ok. so he is reply my message.. oh that is my message this afternoon... hehehe....
• China
7 Mar 12
what mean ?,cute you