acclaim site

March 7, 2012 11:51pm CST
Good day everyone! I would just like to ask where acclaim go? I wanted to visit the site but then it's gone, it's been a long time since I played dance online there and I know the game is no longer available, too . I just want to know if it still exist. Thank you!
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@elementah (106)
• United States
8 Mar 12
ooo,I remember Dance Online. I wanted to play it really badly but I didn't want my computer to slow down or anything (because I wanted it to last for a long time). I believe Acclaim went bankrupt, and since Dance Online was run by Acclaim Games, it had to close as well. So, unfortunately, Dance Online doesn't exist anymore, except on Youtube videos and stuff, lol. On the bright side, you can play Audition Online and the other dance games :D
• Philippines
8 Mar 12
That's pretty bad:(. Dance online is awesome, I get addicted to it. I don't know where to find anything like that, it's just really great and I miss it. I've played audition online but it's nothing compared to dance online. I've come to enjoy jam legend but it got bankrupt too. Why is this all happening?? ahhh.. Anyway, thank you for taking a time to respond to my concern elementah! Thank you!:)