greetings for today is a women's day

@srjac0902 (1170)
March 8, 2012 7:39am CST
Greetings to all women. Today is a Women's Day. It would be interesting to see the feelings of all. I laugh sometimes, when I imagine the situation in the family. Of course in nations where there is no gender discrimination, then my discussion may not sound well and it may appear quite strange. Any way we are the product of our culture where we were born without having a choice to choose. In a nation like India, most people today remember their mothers, sisters, female relatives and friends as well as the women teachers. How we fee so much satisfied for having received so much care, attention and wise advice seasoned with experience and sobriety. Really it is worth remembering certain female teachers who were so much humane, motherly and comprehensive. I have seen them even during the exams so much understanding the human frailty. I am very sure that majority of owe our welfare, the welfare of the family, thanks to mummy. Most of the families have been saved , thanks to mothers. The man is head of the family in our tradition where we are born. He brings in all the resources to run the family but if the mother does not know to administer the home and rearing of the children wisely then there will be a ruin in the family. In India, in the traditional families if a woman is lacking, then the whole household is like paralyzed. Even today the woman, a mother is capable of preparing food, attending the needs of the children and of her husband and even going to the office to work.
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@marguicha (109105)
• Chile
10 Mar 12
I donĀ“t particulary like this day. I think it is yet another kind of discrimination. I have seen illtreated working women who are given a red rose on March 8th by their boss. We women (and all humankind no matter what genre, race or religion) should have the 365 days of the year as Humankind Day. Imagine all year respecting each other!
@SomeCowgirl (32266)
• United States
9 Mar 12
I think that this is probably the first year that I've heard of this day. I think that it is a great day to celebrate. It's not only for the mother's but for all women of any walk in life. We need a day to celebrate us, and I think also men should have a day for them as well. We both (men and women) go through so much in our walks off life that there should be a day to celebrate and admire the struggles of our fellow men and women.
• Philippines
9 Mar 12
I salute all the women! Today is another milestone of achievements of every woman in the world. Way back before inequality is existent but because you fight for your rights and freedom! you deserve every word of it. To a woman who is a mother and a career mom, I praise you! you made all the hardships to stand beside your husband to make both ends meet in today's difficult world. To a woman who has selfless love and devotion to the poor, who have never thought of any personal credit instead of willingly helped the needy, I bow before you. The world needs more of you. To a woman who have served her own country to uplift the lives of each citizens, God will bless you and guide you in your humble service. May all the women around the world celebrate this recognition! Keep the spirit high! and may your voice be heard in every corner of the world always.
• United States
9 Mar 12
Yes, Happy Women's Day to all of the women out there!
@mgzg11 (139)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
8 Mar 12
Happy women's day to all women. Just to put a few words from man's perspective. It's a bit strange that today most of the world doesn't know about this day. It's the day to commemorate fight and struggle of the women to get equal human rights as a men. Unfortunately, there is still a long way and fight should be continue for both women's and human rights. So this day should be a reminder of world we live in, world of inequality and injustice. Maybe the reason for not knowing about this day, coming from the last century. In 30's, western world was seeing this day as communist, and stop celebrating it, and gradually forget about it. I lived in more or less socialist country, and this day was official holiday. Since Yugoslavia break apart, and we accept neoliberal capitalism, this day is not official holiday anymore, but tradition is still alive, and people celebrate it. At least one day in a year, women get attention and recognition they deserve. One day is not nearly enough, but at least it may make some people think about it. Because, let's face it, in modern world, women are equal just in theory. They are less paid for same work than men, quite often have less possibilities for education or career and on top of that they have to take care of family and children. Lot of hard work, and too many times taken for granted, and not properly thanked for. So, THANK YOU!!!
• United States
8 Mar 12
I never heard of this day. I think it is ver nice. To have it as well. I know as a woman i feel proud ofhandling the house. This is a really nice post.
• Trinidad And Tobago
8 Mar 12
My response may come across as being a bit pessimistic, but I'll state it anyway. A female co worker sent me a tex a few mins ago, wishing me Happy International Women;s Day. Truth be told I'm a woman and I don't really don't care. Why? Because first of all there hasn't been much coverage of this, at least not where I live,I was so surprised to get the tex. With all of this celebrating, women are still being abused worldwide. We recently had a number of cases of women being killed on their jobs or their homes out of jealousy by their partners, or because their partners were just plain abusive. Yes granted women are taking up the mantles in the workplace and making strides in professions,education etc etc. we have indeed come a long way with respect to that, but again there's not even the recognition of this event in my country right now, and to think my government has a ministry that deals with women's affairs. Well even though, I don't have particular interest in this woman's day celebration I would still like to extend the courtesy of wishing you and other women HAPPY INTERNATIIONAL WOMEN'S DAY.