People who know what they want vs fantasy.

United States
March 9, 2012 10:41am CST
People can have dreams. However, there are those who want to make other people as miserable as they are. When those who do not do anything to make their life better but cause trouble for others and make threats when threats are not and never were necessary. I do not judge and never will. But for people to thing that one makes threats when others do and others love to start fights and do not walk away when people should do as asked to leave the one that they are bothering and curses when the fight should never have started but for those having issues when there are never issues except for those who are misserable and lonely and want everyone around them to be the same always. When someone says they are having a house built when that is fantasy and that they love being rude nosey and need to leave those alone when there are people who are living their life and working on chainging their life and getting their own place and not confusing reality with fantasies in their own mind.
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• Philippines
9 Mar 12
yeah i agree that people most of the time do fantasize than making dreams, why did i say so? well this is just my own opinion, like people keep on thinking nice cars good paying jobs or having their own business but they are not really doing anything they are not trying their best to accomplish or reach that dream. they will blame it to their surroundings to the people around them to the government or to fortune or destiny. but really if you want something you really need to work hard for it or else all those ambition or dreams that people are thinking of having will all be a fantasy.
• United States
9 Mar 12
The only way to make anything happen is to work for it. Dreams are nice but what is one willing to do make dreams real? It is nice when you get a little push in the right direction. Most people will not do what it takes to make their dreams real. That is, within the law.