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March 9, 2012 8:45pm CST
I have been through thousands of affiliate marketing, MLM, PTC and other sites. Most of them have been scams while a few have proved to be worth the effort. One of the ideas that I had earlier on was to use the money that I earned from one site to pay for anthers sign up fees. Which is what I plan on doing with the money that I am about to receive from a research company that I cashed out of not to long ago. I have read many different post about the JSS Tripler System on this site. Although I would like to hear more from people that are already members and have got paid; if there are any on this site. I like to learn as much as I can about a system before I invest any amount of money into it. I can tell you that I usual view around one hundred site like this ever other week when I have the time looking for real sites that do pay out. That is how I came across this site and thus far I like it. Not just because you can earn money for your participation but also you can help others. That in my opinion is worth more than money. So here I am trying to get some help from anyone that has any knowledge on this topic and would be willing to share it with me. Thank all of you for your time best of luck to you all in finding the one system that works...
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@yallit (3678)
• Philippines
10 Mar 12
The JSS-Tripler program of JustBeenPaid is pretty straight forward. Purchase a position worth $10 each and earn 2% daily until you've reached 150% ROI. It's almost the same with other HYIP or money cycler programs out there, right? However, there are twists to the program: 1. For every 4 JSS-Tripler positions that mature/expire (meaning you've earned 150% ROI already), you will get a FREE position in JBP's main program called JSS which is a 2X2 matrix that will earn you $60 once that matrix cycles. But in order to get that free position, you need to be upgraded to Level 1. 2. The program has a Restart Feature. There's always a "kill point" for programs that offer a daily % earnings. "Kill Point" is that time when the daily sales is less than the daily commitment of a certain program. Now, in order for the program to be sustainable, they have a Restart Feature in place wherein a percentage of the JSS-Tripler positions of members will be converted to JSS positions when the site reaches that "kill point".