is it good to let your feelings show?

March 9, 2012 10:21pm CST
some people say you should always let your strong emotions show, but is it good to do so?
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• Philippines
27 Mar 12
I think yes, it's good to let it show. But not always. Not like when you're sad you'll always cry, it just make us look like a weak person so in that case, don't always show it. When you'e happy, that's when you'll show it.
@MANJET (84)
• Malaysia
14 Mar 12
it really depends on the situation. At times, it is really important to let your strong feelings come out. For example, when you have been used by people around you over and over again and you feel like telling them how you feel and wishes them to stop doing that. Sometimes, you must not show your strong emotion as it will bring harm to your career, relationship and safety. For example, if you feel upset when someone else other than you is promoted by the boss, you can't confront your boss about that issue or you may get yourself jobless.
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
12 Mar 12
That is a rather tricky situation the more you think on it. People who really say that you shouldn't keep things in, keep your feelings bottled on, because they will consume you, do have a point. If you are dealing with all kinds of mental stress, within the context of your own mind, it is rather frustrating to say the very least. And it can lead to you just getting a headache to say the very least and break down a lot harder. But there are those who tend to use the emotions of other people for their own manipulative benefits. It is rather unfortunate that this is done and it does give people reason to reign their emotions in a bit too much. I do think that when it is all said and done, there is a time and place to show emotions and feelings and to keep them hidden or obscured. Finding the right time is just going to really be the biggest problem.
@Mashnn (4503)
11 Mar 12
It depends where I would be. If I am in the house then I have no problem with showing my emotions if outside, I would rather try and hide my emotions if I could.
@tessa9 (1086)
• Philippines
10 Mar 12
I think it depends on the situation. Sometimes their are moments that you have to show your feelings and emotions but their are times where you have to bottle it in. It really depends on the timing and how appropriate you are feeling.
• Philippines
10 Mar 12
Not all the time. We are all humans, we have our own flaws too. Some times letting out what we feel is a good way to strengthen our relationship. I do have short temper. I get easily irritated and annoyed but sometimes we have to control what we feel because we can be violent when we are in a bad feelings.
@ifa225 (11098)
• Indonesia
10 Mar 12
I used to hide my feelings it is good Sometimes if u know how and when however people dont like a person who loves to show their feeling too often and Sometimes overwhelming