Blogged arteries

South Africa
March 10, 2012 7:01am CST
My mom was recently taken ill. Generally she is an active person who exercises almost everyday..We were all surprised when during a doctor's visit we were told that one of her arteries was blogged, hence the increase in blood pressure...But what remains a mystery is how that happened because she leads a health lifestyle generally..
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@winston90 (296)
• Romania
10 Mar 12
The food that you eat and the excercise isn't the only ting influencing your health. You can survive two weeks with no food,but only a few days without water, or a few minutes without air. So logically, the most important is to breathe correctly and fresh air. The water you drink is also very important. Of course, air and water doesn't directly influence the arteries, but because the body is a whole, the malfuction of a part can make all the body ill. Food is also important, but not as much as the other two. If you say she lives a healthy life and exercises frequently, I guess the doctors will have to elucidate the reason for her illness. I hope she will be better, by the way! :)
• South Africa
12 Mar 12
I am interested in your comment. What do you mean by breathing correctly? Thank you for your well wishes..
• Philippines
10 Mar 12
The doctor should have explained to your family why. There are many test available out there and it shouldn't be a mystery why there is a "clog" (if this is what you mean). There are many factors affecting clogging of veins, and it should be noted so that your family will know the no no's for your mom.
@DoctorDidi (7030)
• India
10 Mar 12
How did the doctor come to such a conclusion without doing any investigation? At best, he may suspect but can never confirm the diagnosis. First of all, you need a post prandial blood sugar estimation and a lipid profile. Then you may need a angiography and then you may come to any such conclusion. So what is my suggestion is go to any renowned cardiologist and to follow his instructions.