Elicit Affair

March 10, 2012 7:03am CST
I caught my sister in law having an elicit affair with another man through the cellphone. She borrowed the phone of my sister to communicate with her man without deleting the her messages in the sent items. I planned to confront her alone but she refused to. We talked about it in the living room where all of our family members heard about it. My brother, her husband, got mad at her. I felt so guilty then, on the other hand, I can't afford to see my brother being fooled behind his back. He is such a very good big brother to me, a good friend as well. The last time I went home, I saw her together with their kids and somehow I was glad. I thought they're already okey. Minutes ago, I chatted with her sister (who also condemned her actions)and she informed me that my brother's wife is living in with another man! My heart bled, and is still bleeding for my beloved brother... Imagine, she took the 13th month pay and the bonuses last December, only to find out she would do another immoral act! I really don't know what to do with her if I'll see her again....