Were you Treated differently

Pasay, Philippines
March 10, 2012 8:37am CST
Have you experienced of being treated differently? Like there is this person who is friendly to many other people and you thought that person is approachable and humble. Then it will come to a point that person has treated you differently like he/she is arrogant to you or you have seen all the bad sides to that person when others doesn’t know that he/she is like this? Another example here if your parents are treating other people like they are so friendly, generous, humble and everything. Even at home your parents are treating your siblings in good aspect as well then in your case you were treated different. Like your parents tend to shout at you even if you know it for a fact that you are a good person and you tend to obey them. So how does it feel for being treated differently? Sometimes it is like there is profiling that exist within the community or people that it is in your aura that people won’t take your side just because they don’t feel you.
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@megamatt (14326)
• United States
11 Mar 12
I think that there are a couple of times where various people that I have known have treated me a bit differently. Of course, some people tend to be weird about how they treat people. However, there are just going to be times where people tend to treat you just a little bit differently. And you can't help but wonder why. I have noticed this mentality in the work force. Where supervisors tend to be blind to the inadequacies of some and rail on others. So I think that in the end, this is just really a part of life to say the very least. There are just really just going to be many times where people are going to treat you like a different person, of some foreign entity. Actually the good reflection of this quality was true with me. There have been people who others have sworn up and down where they are absolute jerks to other people, but they were rather approachable and cordial to me. I guess that's just how things go.
@justme0k (152)
• United States
11 Mar 12
I have been treated differently my entire life. I had very few friends in school and have not had a real friend in about 25 years. Peole at work are friendly to me but I hear all the plans they have together after work but I will never be apart of them.
@harini23 (84)
• India
10 Mar 12
There are so many types in the case of treating different.If any person does a great thing then we treat him differently.And if he does anything wrong then also we treat him differently.In my childhood, every time i used to get first in my class.Then at that time my teachers used to treat me differently.They will scold everybody else in the class except me.That time i used to felt like a queen.Like this,so many memories i have in the past.
@galileo2008 (1147)
• Philippines
10 Mar 12
I did experience being treated differently by my mom. When I was still a little girl, my mom treated me like adopted and like among her 5 children, I was the only one who's chubby while my other sibling aren't. It was really horrible that until now I still feel like I am ugly, the only one who's not part of the family and adopted. My mom no longer treats me like when I was still a girl, but the wound is still there.