"Here, Kitty? Callie? Duke?"

@whatrow (793)
United States
March 10, 2012 10:49am CST
I have been raising kittens for four years now and I love them all intensely. But the biggest problem I have with them is coming up with names. Now, I have two families of kittens (total 10). I need fresh ideas. Give me all of the gender- neutral names you can think of. I will let you know which names I pick. Thank you for your help.
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@Micmac (9765)
10 Mar 12
I love kittens and have raised a few of them too. They are so sweet. I will suggest you a few pet names that you may like. How about Fluffy?- (I had a white kitten and she looked like a white cloud), CreamPuff, Tippy, Rudie, Daisy, Mink, Moey. That's all I can say.
@whatrow (793)
• United States
11 Mar 12
Thank you for your suggestions. I usually name them based on their appearance. But, sometimes it just doesn't work. It also doesn't help that the dark grey ones, and also the two multi-colored, are so close in appearance that, even if I did find names, I would have a hard time figuring out who is who. Oh, well. I will think of something.
@krizzy (237)
• Philippines
14 Apr 12
We also have a lot of cats and kittens. I name one of them as Hyper because he always play. He never get tired. He just sleep for a moment and then play and play again. I guess it's best to name your kittens according to their hobby or attitude:)