Is there a difference between skill and talent?

@ajalitus (127)
United States
March 10, 2012 11:52am CST
I find that a lot of people perform very well in some aspect of life. Many other people might try all day to improve themselves but never amount to other guy's capabilities. This is basically for true for sports, academics, and creativity. Do you think they exceed because of skill or talent?
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@SinfulRose (3529)
• Davao, Philippines
10 Mar 12
To answer your title discussion question, I'll say yes. According to how I define those two, talent is something that a person already has. It's an aspect about him that is greater than the rest. For example: A boy can draw figures or objects from his imagination without anyone coaching him how to do it. He may be good at drawing but he might not be good in sports or academics. As for skill, it is a talent or ability that is practiced to become better. The users of such a skill learns through experience. Going back to my last example, the boy's talent becomes a skill once he tries another form of drawing aside for his own current style. Anything learned is a skill. As for your last question, this is my answer: Humans limit themselves when they themselves had limitless capability. Those people who exceeded the norm had hard-work, experience and determination to make them who they are right now. They spend their time to learn that skill. If people apply the same in whatever it is they wish to learn, they will surely acquire such skill...maybe not in the same caliber as those who had talent in the first place but still it's the skill that is achievable.
@krajibg (11936)
• Guwahati, India
10 Mar 12
Hi ajalitus, Denotatively both skill and talent have the same same semantics. But when we look at the connotative meaning, skill, slightly differs from talent. Talent is inborn and can be applied or say can take any channel provided opportunity and scope. But skill is limited, in the sense that it is a fixed talent on a particular task. Say one is good at carpentry and carpentry is a skill. He can not bake a cake as better as can mold a tool. On the other hand a talented person can be put to any avenue and with his/her knack would come out successful.