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@whatrow (793)
United States
March 10, 2012 6:24pm CST
I saw "The Phantom of the Opera" on television during its 25th year celebration. I had no idea that this story was so powerful and so jam packed with emotion. The agony and lonliness of the Phantom. The overwhelming love he has for the girl he can never have because of his ugliness. The conflict of the girl between music and love. I could curse myself for waiting so long to have such an enjoyable experience. What work of art (any form) do you consider outstanding? Why?
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@Dhongda (41)
14 Mar 12
Phantom of the Opera is superb as a play. But for me the most outstanding art is a statue The Ecstasy of St. Catherine by Bernini. It's a statue but it can show a lot of story. And I really love the minor detail that was shown there. It's something unimaginable a solid statue could be shaped like that. And last, the statue really looks like floating. I wonder how could Bernini do it? That time, there isn't an advanced technology to shaped a marble and yet he could create such a masterpiece.
@whatrow (793)
• United States
17 Mar 12
Hi! Thanks for responding. I never heard of that statue. Could you be more specific about the "minor detail" it has?