How long have you give up study after you working to survive

March 10, 2012 10:36pm CST
i watched the movie"pursuit of happiness" one more time tonight.i want to say, poor couple, sad things! fortunately, the director give the movie a happy end. But in ture life, is not usual the same. if you wanna supply a good support for your family, you should work hard to get a well paid. maybe, now,everybody, work well,but the sense of crisis tell us nothing is changeless. i think, if everything leave you, but your body and knowledge would not. but,trifle usually let us forget to keep study or take exercise. SO, guys, do you keep study, if not, how long have you not study after work,or after having your own babies?
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• Philippines
15 Mar 12
Well, for me, i do not like to stop studying. Yes, we may graduate from college and get a job but that is still not the stop of studying. When we study, we should study until we die. When we have families, we must still not stop studying. By studying, we learn new things that is beneficial to us and our survival. In matters of success, when we learn something by studying then applying it, success comes closer and closer. We gain wisdom by learning and we learn by studying. Have a great day. By the way, pursuit of happiness is a great movie, we can adapt his strategies. Hehe