@kini03 (222)
March 11, 2012 7:41am CST
they say if there`s an alcohol they have a plan? what do you think guys? hehe seems funny question :) but mostly we know ,the modern world the modern teen age ,its hard to get away to the world we say freedom:) but do you think it its time to get along and time to move on in bad habits?yes you can say yes :) for me also is yes but honestly why its hard ?? :( to change ..
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@rozilynf (140)
12 Mar 12
lol! i loves lots tequila hahaha. especially tequila rose i so love it!! i have an experiences about tequila i really got drunk i drunk 1 bottle tequila lol then guess what i feel asleep and don't know about everything happen it seems crazy, but i love it!! :)) after that i never drink tequila again hahah,,
@kini03 (222)
• Philippines
12 Mar 12
ha ha ha thats really funny but sounds exciting you got drunk by yourself alone lol .. and party party .. that exactly will be happened to you lol black out and dont remember anything when you wake up :) well honestly i don`t like tequila lol :) i dont like the taste and easy to make me drunk and sleep for two days and give a hang over whole day lol :) but tequila i guess is the best to drink if you have problems cheers :)
• South Korea
11 Mar 12
I love tequilla!!! but I do make sure I drink it in moderate way... but I dont drink drinking often is good for your health maybe a few shots a month is fine.. as long you are still you when your drunk...