Tous Les Jours -

March 11, 2012 8:54am CST
Hey Everybody, while I was at the mall, I noticed a bakery-cake shop named tous les jours, well, i peeked, then saw BEAUTIFUL PIECES of CAKE. OMAGASH. I mean how can they make such beautiful pieces of cake? I'm so nosebleeding. Enough of that, can someone tell me about it's flavor, and what is your favorite thing, cake, or pastry in Tous Les Jours, I'm dying to taste some, but can't since I have no background. :) Help me :)
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• South Africa
11 Mar 12
I dont know about the shop you are talking about since we do not have it in my country but I am a novice baker myself but have made amazing cakes for friends and family. I t just takes a lot of dedication.
• South Korea
11 Mar 12
we have tous les jours bakery here in korea too :) I think its a brand name.. and honestly I think korean breads and cake are not delicious..haha simply because they barely put sweetener in it.. and most of my friend agree on it.. anyway since the ingredients are from your country I think you just have to know if you like cake the cake in your country maybe it will also be delicious.. Experience is the best teacher try purchasing something in there before actually buying something expensive :) and lemme know :)