President Obama, a second chance for the next election?

March 13, 2012 8:28am CST
Now that election is getting near. Rumor has it that President Obama is going for a re-election.(That probably a eye brow raising topic for some.) Well, let's look back at his tenure. Way back when he was still campaigning for presidency, he was known as someone who is seen as a hope for many Americans...Here comes his term: In a matter of months after he was formally elected as the president, his approval rating sunk low. For some reasons, people were unsatisfied with his performance. (I'm not.) The issue now is, will he have a second chance? Is it the right thing to do to run for presidency again? Does he worth people's vote in November?
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13 Mar 12
First of all, I feel that President Obama walked into a mess. We were at war and our economy was already in bad shape. I think a percentage of people were hoping he could snap his fingers and 'fix' all the problems in this country over night. It wasn't reasonable to expect him to do that. Those same people are probably the ones' who think he hasn't done his job and he's not worth re-electing. When the war broke out in the middle east the goal was to 'take out' Bin Laden. That happened while President Obama was in office and we are now in the process of bringing the troops home. I like him. If he wants the responsibilities of being our president again I feel he's worthy of MY vote.