I took the wrong medicine by mistake one time

United States
March 13, 2012 12:48pm CST
long time ago I was perscribed some pills for my stomach and sleeping pills too. I was in a rush to go to the grocery store and both of my pills are shaped the same. So I gabbed the bottle and didn't look at the bottle my (sleeping pills). Guess what? something told me to go back and check when I got home. I had took 2 and I realized I had the wrong bottle. I was SCARED! I said lord don't let me shut my eyes and collaspe. I meant to take my pills for my stomach. Have anyone ever experienced this? let me know
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• Philippines
15 Mar 12
Whoa! That definitely sound dangerous. Well, i never experience that but as i imagined myself in your shoe, i realized i wanted to vomit the false chemicals that came in my body. He he he. Anyway, i don't take much medicine, i go for water therapy and also some herbs. I want the traditional way to cure my illnesses and it works for me. I also take supplements so that i need not bother getting sick and going to the doctor then make a mistake of getting the wrong bottle. Well, i hope you don't make that dangerous mistake again and have a great day.
• United States
15 Mar 12
thank you for commenting. What is water theraphy? I don't have a severe illness or nothing. It was just temperaly but, what are good herbs? I mostly take omega 3 vitmins and vitamin D. I get nausea drinking herb tea sometimes.
• Philippines
16 Mar 12
Oh i see. Well, first off, water therapy is the drinking of water that is recommended for your body. Secondly, the best herb i heard so far and tasted so far is the king of herbs - ganoderma. Omega 3 is also good and vitamin D is beneficial as well for that kind of sickness. Anyway, drinking herbal tea sometimes can make us nauseatic, but that is just normal. Why? Because herbal teas are good for eliminating toxins in your body so when we drink them daily, first we experience nausea, but as time goes on an we still drink them regularly, you won't feel nauseatic anymore.