Why do blood stocks run low after easter?

March 13, 2012 4:46pm CST
I was on spotify earlier when an advert asking for blood donations came on. It stated that blood doantions were eargently needed as blood stocks always ran low after easter. Why is that? Is it something to do with how easter is celebrated? or is it just a coincidence that the time of year that averages as having the lowest blood stocks is around easter? Birdie -
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• India
24 Jun 12
It is not a coincidence. Blood stocks do not really having the lowest average on easter because in any time blood stocks can become low if there is a reduced number of donations that lots of patients badly needed at the same time. Such as moms giving birth to a child, accidents, and patients with cancer.
@louievill (19682)
• Philippines
14 Mar 12
I do not know but in my observation, in our country , blood stocks usually ran low after New Year because all the blood is mostly used up after the New Year revelry where there are a lot of injuries and accidents. Donations are also low cause everybody had been busy during the Christmas holiday .
@GardenGerty (102534)
• United States
14 Mar 12
We are in different parts of the world, so our lower points tend to be around Thanksgiving and Independence Day, but it is also true of all holidays. First of all, people get so busy with their celebrating that they tend to not give blood, they do not want to take the time out to do so. Secondly, at least in our country, people travel a lot over the holidays and there are more traffic accidents, therefore more need. Third, at least where I am, people who are not celebrating a holiday may just be enjoying nice weather and not giving. I may guess one more thing, that maybe some of the people who usually give blood give up meat for lent and are anemic and cannot give. These are all my guesses. I have not donated whole blood or double units of red cells in a while, I am on a new trend, donating platelets. If you can give, that is a good thing.