Filial Daughter Fired for Taking Time off

March 13, 2012 9:30pm CST
A thirty-year-old woman took her disabled mother along with her to work for two years. At the end of February, the woman was fired from her job for taking too much time off to take her mother to hospital. She worked at a lottery shop in Sindian City, Taiwan. Due to her mother's hearing-impairment and moteness, she fequently took her mother along with her when she went to work. The woman said that she could intuit her mohter's wants and desires simply through her touch. As an only child, she thought that it's her responsiblity to take good care of her mother and ensure that she remains safe.
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@beamer88 (4267)
• Philippines
14 Mar 12
Sad as these incidents are, we need to accept that business and filial or any other family relationship are two separate things, and most of the time, one has to choose between the two. As a son, I would also do to my mother what this woman had done to hers. But I am also aware of my responsibilities to the company who pays my salary. We just really need to balance our time properly.
@espoir (184)
• China
14 Mar 12
What a shame! It happened in China where filial piety has been attached great importance since the ancient time?