bad guys are the most misunderstood?

United States
March 13, 2012 9:38pm CST
When you read stories or watch movies/shows, do you guys notice that lots of the bad guys in the stories had a bad childhood or something? Like they had a really harsh life compared to the good guys. It makes me really sad because of that and doesn't seem really fair to me. Then again, life was never fair, lol. What are your guys opinions and views on this?
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@chiyosan (29864)
• Philippines
14 Mar 12
Well i think it is still a person's choice. i would say that maybe a lot of us, or even majority of the people who grew up to be who they are now have had no perfect childhood to begin with but that was not used as an excuse for them to be trashy and to destroy what could have been their life. You see, its always the case, everyone who becomes mean, bully, killers, or criminals have attributed their actions to the people who "caused" them to be "that" way as if they had no choice. I understand the trauma, the pains, the everything that goes along with the experience but i believe we all have a choice!
• United States
14 Mar 12
You make a good point there, chiyosan. Thanks for responding :)
@megamatt (14329)
• United States
15 Mar 12
Well everyone has a motivation to do what they do, no matter how twisted. Of course there are many times where some people are just going to deal with that motivation in a bad way, not being able to cope with it the right way. To an extent, you may feel sorry for a person, but less so when they become the very monster that they had once been victimized by in the past. There is a cycle to these things and people can break it. But some people choose not to. Perhaps it is difficult to do good. Actually one might argue that it is extremely difficult no matter what to make the right choices. To make the absolute correct choices right there. There are just going to be many times where people choose to do the easiest thing in the world which at times can be a wrong thing. Fiction is often times a reflection of the reality that we do live in and there can be much learned about the motivations of people who do become twisted. Then again some people choose to do it, because of some demented thrill.