what are you think about a men who approach women ?

@advokatku (4037)
March 15, 2012 2:13am CST
A Men, in general, most like follow their intuition when approaching a woman who appealed to them. All their senses will used to maximum to get attention that's woman. There many style which used a men in front a woman. In front a women who are gentle and polite, they will be more polite and careful. But, at front a women who have body language "invite" and "supple", they will be more actively, even sometimes often "too far". In front a woman who closed and little talk, a man would be more shy and be more cautious but in front a women who dress sexy, they will be more desperate. But, the most I know, before they approach a woman, they are already aware about "ability and capability" them. They are know who is they dealing. For example, a men with middle to upper income, certainly will more comfortable if approaching women with the same level or slightly below him. Due to the nature of a men is they need a sense of "admired" - and the 'needed' that makes them "feel most" in a relationship. This is VERY realistic. However, what are you think about a men who approach women who have an income and lifestyle that are higher than they?
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• India
16 Mar 12
Hi friend Here in india the working women with high salary usually prefer to marry working guys whose salary is HIGHER only. Thanks for this discussion. Professor