Alertpay to Paypal...

March 15, 2012 2:33am CST
I saw here many time people afraid from alertpay like how to withdraw from my bank, etc. so I tell you.. you use invest alertpay fund any of site like neobux, clixsense, mybrowsercash, etc. those sites are legit. and withdraw through paypal from these sites. I'm always using this method. my english little weak so I hope you guys understand what I'm said.
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@taomoney (649)
• Hong Kong
10 Apr 12
I once think like that too but mybrowsercash stop paying in paypal. that is alertpay become more alertpay. How should I do with the alertpay I earned ?
• India
10 Apr 12
well mybrowsercash stop paying in paypal temporarily not permanent. And you can also invest other sites like Neobux, Clixsense, etc.
@indi15 (883)
• India
15 Mar 12
Thanks for sharing. pls tell me do we need to verify bank account for doing this or is it that we just open alertpay account , get payment in it from paying sites and then transfer money into sites you mentioned.
• India
16 Mar 12
verify bank account need only when you want to withdrawal in your bank otherwise not.
@jkct02 (2859)
• Malaysia
15 Mar 12
I am not sure about other sites but I think Neobux will only let you cashout unlimited thru PayPal if the amount you invested thru PayPal was more than what you did with other payment processors. For example, if you invested 100 with PayPal but invested 200 with Alertpay, then you are only permitted to cashout 100 in PayPal but unlimited in Alertpay because your Alertpay investment is more. I stand to be corrected.
@yallit (3678)
• Philippines
15 Mar 12
This is correct but just to make your example clearer, you will be permitted to cashout a MAXIMUM of $100 via Paypal. You can still request as many times as you want using Paypal. There's a days' gap in between cashouts of course depending on your membership. So, for the idea to work, one must invest thru Paypal still.