V8 energy drinks, yucky but help me keep awake

United States
March 16, 2012 4:36am CST
At my workplace, there were a couple of boxes of those V8 energy drinks available in the break room for free. I guess many people are interest in getting one; I am no exception. Yesterday, I was sleepy while at work, and I think that I might need to try one myself. I drank one, and it was yucky in taste, but I still tolerate it to drink it all. It helps because I won't feel so much sleepy after all. I remember I had those 5 - hours energy drink before which I got them from gas station, they won't taste that bad though. Anyway, I trying to avoid to rely on those energy drinks on my daily work since it might hurt my health. Some might say if you stop using it after you get used to it, you might have shaky hands. Won't that be a truth?
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@Micmac (9005)
16 Mar 12
V8 energy drinks do taste quite yucky. I think they are too sugary and that's why it keeps us awake. Sugar can make the body hyperactive. In order for me to drink V8 drinks, I have to water it down and add water to the drink, otherwise it taste too sweet for my palate. I don't know about the shaky hands syndrome in correlation with energy drinks so I'll have to research that. Anything taken in excess can cause some bodily harm.
@webearn99 (1744)
• India
16 Mar 12
You are right! Energy drinks have stimulants that may feel good in the short term. In long term they can cause addiction and also effect all the vital organs of the body. Most of the energy drinks have a lot of carbohydrate and caffeine. Much more than what is a safe consumption limit for a human. So please stop depending on them. To have proper diet, exercise and sleep will give you energy to get through a normal work day. That is the only option.
@Ghajini (776)
• Philippines
16 Mar 12
I personally drink energy drinks when I have no more option to keep myself awake especially if I have an exam or a task that I need to do. However, I agree that drinking energy drinks should be done in moderation since they might have bad effects on our body if been consumed too much or too frequently. I guess the best we can do is to take some naps because they do really help us regain some energy and most of all if there is an available time, get a good sleep.