marriage & religion in a relationship within our frontiers & beyond

@kini03 (222)
March 16, 2012 7:02am CST
can you`re religion refrain you from marrying some one belonging to a other religion than your`es? for me ,my religion can`t or doesn`t but some of the other more rigid relegions try to,and it doesnt seem fair but then again ,i think is all about control over peoples live`s.
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@thanks1961 (7046)
• India
20 Mar 12
In my view, the religion can provide a better worshiping atmosphere or enviornment to those follow the specific religion and nothing more on that. In the religion where I belectorn have no restrictions. But in my country also, as you said, some of the religion won't allow to get married from other religions. They won't support and in many cases they will protest to do so. It is their thought that as long as we follow a particular religion, we are supposed to follow their principles also. But I can't agree with it. We just only born in this religion and that doesn't mean that we should follow whatever they say or think. However, the relgion where I born is not so particular about it. If I like, I can get alliance from any religion, cast, creed. I got a universal though and we should live as per our thinking and not based on a relgion where we born. Though it is difficult in practical, but possible if we got a stubbern decision. As our decisions may affect our family, we also should be little relaxed on such things and try to move with a adjustable life patterns. If I like a girl from any other religion and she is ok to it, then I won't consider anything else. My life is important for me and only because of a theird party's benefit I won't be ready to sacrifise my life and pleasure.
@kini03 (222)
• Philippines
20 Mar 12
ooh so you mean in you`re country the rule is you should marry the same religion of you. ??umm anyways, yes evereything in this worlds have their own life, and it depends on us if they going to obey the rules of their religion. as long s we our happy in our choice in our life to be some one who would like to be part of us i think there`s no wrong for that. :) we must have our own descision :) .. nice to hear .. that you have you own descision.if u you met a girl you like.. in my country religion .is important but , its ok if we married a other religion :)...