Four Signs Unique Health Problems

March 16, 2012 10:20am CST
Actually there is a clear sign that can be seen with the naked eye when the body got into trouble. Even so, medical testing is absolutely necessary in order to ensure more accurate results. The health condition of your body can be seen from the sign in all your body. Starting from the condition of the ears, eyebrows, chest, and even fingers. Your risk of certain diseases can also be seen with the naked eye. then get to know some of the signs of health problems, as quoted from redbookmag: 1. Ear contract "Over a decade of research, it is known that the wrinkles in one ear associated with an increased risk of heart disease," said Joanne Foofy. MD, a cardiologist at Brigham and Women Hospital, USA. 2. Thin eyebrows Thin eyebrows can be a sign that someone has a thyroid problem. "Thyroid hormones are made of hair and body hair konsisinya good. If the hair loss or thin, it becomes a sign of a thyroid disorder," said Sandara Fryhofer, MD, professor of Emory University. There are ways a simple blood test to find out if you have any problems with the thyroid. This way, you can easily find out why hair becomes thin. 3. A large chest Large chest can Jandi sensual. Even so, it is not without risk. apparently, the larger the size of the chest, the greater the risk of type 2 diabetes. These results were obtained from a study of 90 thousand women over 20 years and became part of the science of nursing research. Type of fat in the chest increases the likelihood of producing a hormone that can trigger diabetes. So, if you have a large chest size, not painful if you check your blood sugar levels. 4. The middle finger is shorter If your middle finger shorter than ring finger, you two have the potential to suffer from arthritis or muscle disorders. this is according to a study conducted by the Arthritis Research Institute of America. "The greater the difference, the greater the risk," said Paul Leaveton, Ph.D., one of the researchers. (Ant / ICH) how do you think about it, true or not true in your opinion?.........
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16 Mar 12
Maybe it is true in some cases but we cannot tell the exact health condition of a person if we just look at him with our naked eye. Like what you mentioned, proper medication is needed and this can be done only with the complete body check up. There is still no replacement with having a regular check up with our doctor. But on the other hand, if we notice some changes in our body it is one of the indications of sickness.
• Indonesia
16 Mar 12
yes true,the overall examination of the body is best way to know the state of our bodies. although we are always giving your body the signal if there was something no good about our health, but further examination is the most appropriate way to find out about our health
• China
17 Mar 12
My first impression is magical ! In my country , ancesters has created one series method to examine. this procedure include that doctor qbserve patient s face and diagnose what he suffer preliminarly. Presently,we still have much mysterious things we can not explain.