An undescribeable and beautiful movie ...

March 16, 2012 8:53pm CST
'You are now sentenced to 2 life sentences back-to-back and will spend this appointed time in Shawshank prison ' And the movie begins... The story of how prison life seemed to Andrew 'Andy' Dufrense and how he worked to change it is a beautiful drama ,if not a heart - touching one . When Tim Robbins is cast with Morgan Freeman , one can only expect a great success at the lowest . Comment on this post if you people agree with me that this movie is an exciting , beautiful movie which shows that prisoners are just the same as us , they just made the wrong choices at the wrong times and can be great friends in time of need
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@3account (318)
• United States
4 May 12
I just saw this movie again for the third and I can tell you, I was amazed yet again. The plot of the movie is gripping and exciting. Andrew Dufrense (the talented Tim Robbins) has acted so well. Morgan Freeman is awsome as ever. Moreover, the direction by Frank Darabont is not only good but exceeded the audience's expectations. All in all, the movie is just too good to miss!
@beidaihe (48)
• China
17 Mar 12
I am agree with yours:this movie is an exciting,beautiful movie which shows that prisoners are just the same as us.....
• United States
17 Mar 12
I am a big fan of this movie. I prefer Stephen King's non-horror stories. They are always so moving and profound.