Having A Love of A Lifetime

March 17, 2012 7:10am CST
This Discussion Is All About Lovers Who knew that they would have a lover for a lifetime, In this discussion i will start first with my discussion about getting my love of a lifetime (or even possible till death XD) . Others who feel that a discussion responeses should be made, by all means, do it. Share how you had your experiences and obstacles you two made to survive until Today and beyond . Alrighty? Got it? So Let me Start off with mine first! I'll give you my details so that you lads and gents no roughly who am i as follows; As my username dictates , i'm Ewan Scarlette, I'm 19 this year, and i had fun with life , (almost everyday) Optimistic as i can be, i don't tend to think of the downside i have, instead, strive for the best in everything i had (like playing games) Still Running College in my life now, Medical Cert holder, Joyous Lovely moments in my high school and younger times, Pretty much a simple yet understanding person, Listening ears person. :)
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• India
27 Jun 12
Your love story just might turn out as a Love of a lifetime. Thanks to your persistence. Most people just give up and move on. Though you did for a time, you went back to your search persistently. I know a lot of people would envy your story including me. I wish both of you luck that your love for each other will stand the test of time.