A possible easy to earn money tip

March 17, 2012 8:56am CST
This is something that you ladies and gents might want to consider to earn extra cash a month which i believe would go on all out a success should it be conducted properly... Consider to get yourself an investment up and running, that way you will get constant cash flow through out the month ( do note that in some cases, investment can turn against you if you break the rules of investing correctly) my suggestion is you start off with a demo investment accounts, then proceed on to LIVE only when the results are 80% working well. If you have a side cash, enough to buy a house, with that second house you bought, rent it out to people, that is an easy and instance income every month for you . This can also be applied to buying out hotel rooms, if a person rents that hotel, you get somewhat half or more or less or... i dunno, as long as its money out of it. The best part is, if you buy out that room, the hotel may provide you with benefits like a free stay of that room that you bought out, and it doesn't stop there, if one were to be smart enough, they would collect all of these rents, and buy out another house or hotel room, it's a snowball effect you see? :) That's all currently that i know of, i will post more if i do know, this are some that i know, also, if any of you lads or gents wishes to share their wealth knowledge, do so , you can post a response here too. (and i mean legit and legal, no drug trafficking things ). Cheers :)
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@DoctorDidi (7030)
• India
24 Mar 12
First of all you need enough cash to buy all these things you have mentioned and the second is you must possess some idea about all such businesses before investing your money into them.
• Philippines
17 Mar 12
Yes, it is quite easy to say that. Investing is quite easy if you already have the money to start with. But for most people, the start of investing in such kind of passive income generating ventures is the hardest part, not yet even considering the risk of losing one's money. Buying property can be a pain especially if you don't have yet the capital. Also, there are a lot to consider in doing so or else you will end up having a liability with the property that you brought which can equate to even more spending than income. Saving for that big capital to invest or buy property is rather difficult, especially if you do support a family. Maybe you can come up with special ways or strategy to be able to start investments or tips in generating passive income from properties. That would be much appreciated. I think that what you posted in here is very general and everybody knows that. It is the implementation of those ideas that really needs to be elaborated. Just my thoughts.