do you go to church every sunday ?

United States
@laken02 (3068)
March 17, 2012 8:00pm CST
reminds me of our little church - looks like my church
are you a church person, do you go to church every sunday ? or do you watch it on tv, i like to watch some church shoes on tv, there is a group of different people who go to jackson ky, and they have different singers every week and i sometimes watch that and find it interesting it comes on thru the week.. but as for sundays i dont go every week, infact i have missed the last 2 weeks, but i will go back tommorrow, i dread going back after i miss.. but i do love my church, we have a great little church and i like a little church to a big huge one.. you wont find me in a big huge church. a si dont like big crowds and i like to know everybody at my church name.. and that was what i grew up in small churches.. i also like the old songs that we sing, and not this new version of songs.. the other churchs do.. do you attend church, is it a big church or litle one, and do you go every sunday.. i can tell when i miss church my life is not where i need to be, so i try not to miss,