No Approved Therapeutic Claim

March 18, 2012 1:29am CST
Something new always comes up!!! First, there was Amway, then comes Herbalife, then comes FernC, then comes C3Maxx, then comes Usana, then comes Wheatgrass, then comes Barley.. i wonder what comes next. Still so, everyone of them declares "No approved therapeutic claim." Are you taken on this stuff??? I have never tried Amway and Herbalife coz their products are very expensive. I am ok still with FernC though. My parents and my brother are all into barley because of its cancer-healing properties. Garsh! So many products... all of them "no approved therapeutic claims." i couldnt tell if they are working for me already. hahaha!
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• United States
19 Mar 12
I have heard of the majority of all these products, especially of Amway, I know of a few people that actually sell the product. But like you said there really isn't any approved therapeutic claims for any of them. It's just based on take their word of it claims. Honestly I have never taken any of these products and don't plan on taking them, they are a bit pricey, and I don't trust them. Out of the people that I know of, that have actually tried the product I haven't seen any changes or no proof that they actually work. Most of them have actually discontinued taking the product, so what does that actually tell me.
@gracie04 (4554)
• Philippines
19 Mar 12
Hi Grace, yes there are many products sprouting like mushrooms claiming that it can cure several diseases like cancer.. but i guess i would exempt green barley from the list.. i have been using green barley for almost 6 months now and i can really feel the difference. i am 26 and already suffering from diabetes.. i was feeling weak and low before i discovered it through a friend.. i easily get worn-out and i usually spend time lying in bed.. however, after taking 2 spoonfuls of green barley(twice a day) i have seen some real nice changes. now i feel more active and energized.. my mom's taking it too and she is very happy with the outcome.. :) her blood pressure now is always normal unlike before..