Packing to do

March 19, 2012 1:42am CST
Does travelling excite you? I guess almost everybody would absolutely answer back "Of course! Who wouldn't?" That wouldn't be my answer way back in my elementary years. Ever since I was in grade school, I've been to & fro Singapore and Indonesia for countless times. Thanks to my papa (father) who works in a paper company in Kerinci, Riau, Pekanbaru City. Since we'd be staying their for a couple of months my mama (mother) would definitely fill one luggage with canned goods and other products from the Philippines since not all of the food their would suit her tastebuds. That's quite a luggage and it weighs a LOT. Here's another side of the story. Staying there for two months would definitely mean that purchases are made since you can't find this and that kind of item in the Philippines. And I am not talking about light stuffs here. My mama loves ceramics, figurines, bohemias and all stuffs that you could put on display inside a cabinet. To make the long story short, we had to carry them by the time we're heading home to Davao City since all of them are fragile. We had to make use of a backpack, two sling bags and another carry on. That's definitely not my definition of "traveling lite". I do complain a lot about it but what can I do? I was just a kid then. But time changes as well as our outlooks and perceptive. Now, I view traveling as an opportunity to see different parts of the world. I look forward to another adventure. Travel while we're still young and get a good grasp of the beautiful scenery laid in front of you. This time, I get giddy and excited every time I pack my luggage. It means that I'm off to another trip! And this time, it's definitely going to be my own definition of traveling lite but it depends on the location. If it's Bangkok, another shopping haven for fashionitas, then I'd gladly break that rule of mine, if given the chance that I have a big budget for that. ;p
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@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
25 Sep 12
Traveling to different countries is my favorite hobby and it always excites me. Typically I book my flight around 6 months before my trip. I like to write my packing list around two weeks before my trip begins. That way if I need any extra things I have time to buy them and add these things to my backpack or holdall bag. On my trip I like to take lots of photos and if can buy a costume doll for my collection.
• India
29 Jun 12
Travelling is so much fun. I would love to become a tourist. Too bad it entails lots of money. I imagine for a regular traveler the excitement is not so much but deep down I know it exists.
@KrauseHome (35514)
• United States
2 May 12
Well, for me it really depends on what the occassion is that is causing me to need to pack. For the most part if it is for a vacation, even if it is for a small getaway I usually am eager to pack and usually end up making a list, and double checking everything to make sure that I have everything. Then the main problem if I am ready too soon is wishing the time would go faster so I can go. The main problem is when you get back unpacking and getting back used to reality.