March 19, 2012 6:22am CST
Just saw the latest movie by Martin Scorsese.The movie is simply awesome!!Great acting,cinematography,the 3-d effects,direction everything is masterclass!!
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@rafiholmes (2897)
• Malaysia
20 Mar 12
i havent get the chance to see this.. i know thi sis Scorcese..but its very kid movie kinda.. i prefer WAR HORSE...have seen it..its wayyy more MAsterclass...executed skillfully by only he can.
• India
22 Mar 12
Yes i know..I saw it last night and the movie is really superb. Awesome work done by spielberg.
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
16 Aug 12
If "The Artist" paid tribute to silent movie, and touched the nostalgia to moviegoers for times long past, Scorsese went further and paid tribute of the seventh art, especially the "daddy" Melies. Sadness is even greater here you see that passion for cinema was a way of life then, now is not just a craze for prizes and cashes. Many see only the surface and say that is just a fantasy adventure movie more children, but those who love movies will definitely see and substrate and will feel nostalgia for that mentioned above. A must see of 2011. Enjoy it!
@marguicha (106333)
• Chile
30 May 12
I loved the movie when I saw it. I found incredible the way they showed the world during and after WWI and the history of film making. The story itself was moving and the setting wonderful.
@Micmac (9765)
21 Mar 12
After seeing the amazing trailor of Hugo and beautiful cinematography plus the fact Hugo won awards at Oscar, prompted me to get the dvd. As soon as I get some friends and family together, we'll watch this movies....can't wait!!!