Who among the fairytale loveteams that you like?

Pasay, Philippines
March 20, 2012 12:36am CST
Who is your favorite fairytale love team and why? In my case when I’ve watched the Little Mermaid again it gives spark when Ariel became in love with Prince Eric. Both of them are good looking which gives more attractive spark. But then I realize that it is just good looking and yet it was like just love at the first sight which is kinda impossible to work together in real life situation. Whereas Beauty and the Beast are better loveteams for me. Because the story is not just like a teeny bopper that is always projecting too much cute. My concern here is that they have development on how they have been in love with each other. In the first place they don’t really like each other because Beast has an attitude that Belle didn’t appreciate. And the Beast doesn’t even like Belle at first. But because of the convincing power they were able to develop their friendship until they were in love to each other. The heartless became kind to the people to the extent that he was able to fight of what is right.
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
2 Oct 12
hi, the most fairytale love team i really wanted is the Cinderella,and i had watched it from the cartoon until it will show in real,i mean true people and cast of that film/movie.i really loved that love team because Cinderella had many bad times before she had the great life and have the great love life too.
• Philippines
21 Mar 12
beauty and the beast... because we people are imperfect.. and we seldom judge a person with his face and attitude. we dont know anything yet with that person... but if we give each other a chance we will know what kind of person we are dealing with.. and i love this story very much coz even though the beast is ugly and bad still belle did give him the chance and fell inlove with him.. even he is still a beast... it means she accepted him for what he is and for what he is not... and she loved him so much... so we cannot judge the person by its look and attitude because we dont know yet what the person has gone through with his/her life before.. and why they are like that... everything has a reason...love unconditionally..