Remembering SHAIDER

Pasay, Philippines
March 20, 2012 12:38am CST
This is the show that I have been following every Saturday afternoon. I am totally avid fan of watching this show especially when there is already fighting scenes then I am attracted to it. Though I believe to myself before that I won’t be engaging into violence when I was a kid since of course I am not doing that to my brother and to my playmate as well. I still remember that I became an avid fan of Puma Lay-Ar’s theme song Shigi. That I really sing that every now and then. My father even sings that for me when he is joking with me. My parents never asked me or prohibited us of now to watch this except for our grandmother. There was a time that our nanny told us that our parents are asking already that we are not supposed to watch this already because it is just about violence. Whereas I haven’t heard anything from my parents because if any case that they want us to prevent something then I think they will tell us directly. I became stubborn to that so I transferred to my neighbor’s house just to watch this Shaider. My brother complained to my parents that I watched the Shaider in the other house but then my parents did not scold me. Only to find out years after my brother told me that it was not our parents who don’t want us to watch that Shaider but it was our Grandmother because of violence and for a fact that it is a Japanese show so it reminds her about the World War 2 during their time. I didn’t care about it maybe because I am a kid who doesn’t fully understand everything then I am not so affected with that kind of issue about the history that happened to our countrymen. I am just enjoying watching the Shaider and for a fact that I am analyzing and understand their story as well that is why I want to finish it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch the ending on how Fuma Lay Ar was killed by Shaider. I don’t know how come the ending wasn’t shown here in the Philippines.
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
14 Apr 13
i still remember this movie oh it was a series before,when i was a kid i loved to watch this movie every time i got home from school,and i think i was an elementary student when i loved to watch it in the evening,after that series power rangers series came out too.
24 Mar 12
hello! nice! your reminiscing the 1980's shaider. my kuya and i loving that show i remember we prentending that he is shaider and i am annie. lol. i remember the one show also which is bioman. they rock!