life aint fair

March 20, 2012 5:24am CST
life is always thought to be unfair. As true as it may be, but were it be, then, all being will be god. Were life fair, there will be no sadnes, pain, anger etc- we'l lack d capacity to show love; no hardwork- no achivements. Live would have been very very boring.
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@Leeper (80)
• South Africa
20 Mar 12
I hear you! I do feel that Life itself is very fair indeed. It is the human race that is not fair. Sometimes Life will give you circumstances that do not appear fair, but is there as a gift for you to grow. It may sound cliche, but I really and truly believe that. You will only become a diamond if enough pressure is applied. Life will apply pressure but I truly feel that when we can see the bigger picture (which I am very far away from), we will see that there is a Grand Plan. A Fair Plan. A Great Plan. However, it remains, that humans and human systems are not fair...but Life will correct those imbalances. For sure. Nice topic. Thoughtful. ~
@beamer88 (4268)
• Philippines
20 Mar 12
It does seem that life is unfair to most of us. But I'm more inclined to see this unfairness as challenges that can make us stronger. So I guess in a way life could be boring if there weren't these sort of trials for us. They in a sense add spice to our life
@Dominique25 (9476)
• United States
20 Mar 12
I do agree that we face a lot of hardships in our.I however would have to disagree that life would be boring if life were fair. After all we all enjoy our life much better when we are able to enjoy activities and events when we are free from suffering from health issues, or personal hardships. No one really goes through there day hoping that they will have a hard day. We could still show love and be hard working even if our life was fair. Because many people are still that way when there life is good.
@alberello (4755)
• Italy
20 Mar 12
Fear in life? Well, in theory should not be so. First, our life is a gift from God, then we must live it in the best way, always doing good deeds. If you fear in life (to be honest I also have) clearly the things you can do will always be limited in worries of being afraid to dare. What is clear, you and I are not the only ones to fear in this world. The world is ugly because the wickedness of the human being has reduced it so! In all the ways we have to take courage and live more peacefully as possible!