Messi or Ronaldo? Barcelona or Madrid? ^^

@atwilson (540)
March 21, 2012 8:15am CST
Hey soccer lovers.. :) Every time i watch el classico which is the super big match between Barcelona and Real Madrid in La liga. My focus is just on the striker players of both side. Yeah, Messi from Barcelona and Ronaldo from Madrid. They are both top world players in the world. Although Messi is shorter, he often becomes the key of Barcelona's winning. In other side, Ronaldo has wonderful skill and technique. If you are given opportunity to choose, what will your choice? and Why? What makes the player different?
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• India
4 Jul 12
It is very hard to choose who among the two of them because they are both best players. The difference between them is that how the play the game, their techniques and skills. But, both of them are very good players, has dedication and love on their game soccer/football.
@sjlskl (3384)
• Singapore
23 Mar 12
Both players are outrageously talented and scores tons of goals. But the differences, Ronaldo is a show-off and whine a lot. Messi just goes on with his game. The Argentine is more consistent too. So for that, I will pick Messi. As for the clubs, I dislike both but I hated Barcelona more.
@lakantar (1575)
• Greece
23 Mar 12
Well If I had 100 milion Euros I'd choose Cristiano Ronaldo for my team :P hehe. Both players are perfect with the ball on their feet but Ronaldo is better in the air (and that is most of it cause of Messi's height, If Messi was as tall as C.Ronaldo then I couldn't choose one :P)
@Wakeupsud (201)
• India
22 Mar 12
The match between these two big teams are an epic match to watch as they are the top teams in the La Liga.And in both teams they have great strikers as Barca has Messi and Real has Ronaldo both are very good.And tomorrow Messi became the topmost scorer for the Barca and he has achieved very much in the short span he has played and he is only 24 so the records he his going to set are going to be unbreakable. I like to watch the epic match and i am a die hard fan of Barcelona as they have great players such as xavi in the midfield who is great in that position and in defense they have pique and puyol. Of the two ronaldo and messi i will always choose messi and Barcelona to win the match.
• India
22 Mar 12
Both the teams as well as the Players are excellent. As you pointed out Messi is a key player for Barca. He makes use of his ability in crucial situations. Amoung this players I would like to choose Ronaldo, it may be due to the fact that I am a big fan of him. And in between these 2 teams, I like Barcelona as a team...
@Rochaten (159)
• Portugal
22 Mar 12
I choose Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo. I admit that Messi is very practical and have fewer failures, but he will never have the magic that has CR7!
@adhyz82 (36289)
• Indonesia
22 Mar 12
actually both of them is great player but i dont know why i choose messi messi is humble player and know how to respect even for their opponent the character that ronaldo can`t do it