I see that we celebrate with her every day

@samar54 (2456)
March 21, 2012 1:08pm CST
Do you see that the celebration of the mother in a single day in the year best or is it that we celebrate every day? I see that we celebrate every day . Waiting for your opinion .
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@sabado_dc (1001)
• Philippines
21 Mar 12
As a son, to me, when we say official celebration, it should be done once a year. It is a must campaign and thanks for the media. Without the media, It couldn't have been established nationwide. We should pay visit if we are living far away from her but if we are unable to do so, at least a call; or, for so many reasons that holding us in making contact with her, at least an indirect courtesy call by someone we knew in our favor will be okay. You see that we celebrate with her everyday simply because, she cooks our food, she wake us up in the morning to be ready for our everyday bidding, she washes our clothes, helps and soothes us when we are down, and a lots more of motherly love. In return, we should protect her. To me, my Mom should not be responsible for any financial obligation but my Dad. She should not be burdened with any duties other than her house and children. If not, then the celebration with her every day that I'm talking about will no longer be possible. Thanks for posting this and regards to you MOM. and to my MOM, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH... I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU
@samar54 (2456)
• Egypt
22 Mar 12
When I say we celebrate I mean we care about her and show our love and so on, ought to get her approval .. Paradise under the feet of mothers, and the mother does not compensate .. God bless my mother and introduced by Paradise , God bless you and your mother .