My bf's sister hates me

March 21, 2012 5:17pm CST
First off, 2 summers ago, I worked at this place and met my bf there. Ever since I started dating my lover almost 2 years ago, his sister has always had a deep hate for me. We would always go at it with petty arguments, and always down at each others throats. I never really took a keen liking to her as well, for the way she treated me, however; I remained civil, and attempted to treat her with respect like a normal human being. Just recently my bf and I have had our relationship issues, what relationship is ever perfect? If there is ever a perfect relationship, I want to know who's having it so that they can lend me a few pointers... Anyway; I posted something on facebook 3 weeks back ''Why do I always date the losers, I need a real man'' I guess she saw this and finally texted her brother this morning about my postie from a few weeks back. I sent her a message on facebook asking her why she was scoping out my stuff. I personally feel that she has no business looking around my profile when we are not friends. Ya, I may have stated a few harsh words, but people do do that when they are mad, and state things they don't mean. I am however guilty, of it. Posting something ''public'' really booted me in the butt. I am however looking to try and work things out with my bf, because I knew we both have a deep connection together. I also ted to think that because his sister doesn't like me, she will do whatever it takes to ruin our relationship. All I want to do is make my man happy. Again I'm guilty, but I'm sure tons of people post stupid stuff online when they are not to thrilled about someone at the moment... So what do I do?
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• India
5 Jul 12
We say things we don’t mean when we’re mad. It suddenly pops out to our mind because we feel so down and hurt. Talk to your boyfriend personally and hug him tight. Admit what you posted on your facebook and apologize. Tell him how much you love him, how do you feel and you miss him. All you wanted is to make both of you happy in each other’s arms.
@Kojigirl (188)
24 Mar 12
That was a very silly thing to do, now, wasn't it? Words, once written, have a life of their own. Carol Burnett was no fool when she said that. I think you need to keep things in perspective. This relationship is always going to be under pressure. She is never going to like you, and anything and everything you ever utter about you boyfriend will be repeated on a loop by the sister. Are you really sure you're up for this? Because if you are, you need to sit him down and be honest with him about everything. Whatever the sister doesn't like about you will never go away. That's a lot of hate to live with, because he can't get rid of his sister. I find most young people, for all their texting and Facebooking, never do the one thing that works. They never sit down and talk to each other. Try it.
@aerous (13474)
• Philippines
22 Mar 12
What is the reason why she hates you, my friend? It maybe envious about your relationship with her brother because you stole her brother affection from her?
@adhyz82 (36263)
• Indonesia
22 Mar 12
so once again facebook make disaster so i think we must be careful when writing some status in our social network.. i think it was a valuable lesson for you, but because you share to us, i think it was good valuable too for us